As Adil Işık Group, holding the unique identity and value of our brand adL, we welcome our customers at our local and world-wide sales points.

Locally or globally, we always aim to meet our customers’ expectations at the highest level with distinctive design, top-fashion products and the constant help of our experienced sales team.

Powerful and stylish designs of adL that closely follow the fashion, the energetic and vibrant style of codentry – which is also a line of adL, the Night Zoom collection ensuring night elegance at all times, well known collaborations with the likes of Cengiz Abazoğlu, Mert Aslan, wide product range combined with the principle of always pursuing excellence, are just some of the important components that differentiate our brand in the sector.

Nonetheless, Adil Işık’s salespower in the sector is due to its fast supply system and almost immediate injection of global trends into the market. Our corporate philosophy consists of; the right time, the right product, the right price and the right place.

Our brand determines its competitive strategy by investing in technological innovations that provide cost reduction while leveraging its quality. 90% of Adil Işık Group products are domestic, a strong principle which gives us the opportunity to employ around 10.000 people in Turkey. Adil Işık Group brands proudly represent Turkey’s labour in numerous sales points in Turkey and all around the world